This guide will walk you through how to sign into the RotaCubed Kiosk with your URL and login details.

Once you've downloaded the RotaCubed Kiosk, you'll be welcomed by a screen that looks like this.

Tap the "Sign In" Button and this will navigate you to a page where you can enter your login details.

You'll need to enter your desired URL, email and password which you had filled out when you signed up for RotaCubed.

Once you've filled out the above details, you can tap on the Login button.

Tip: Tap on the "Remember me" checkbox to save the URL, email and password on the tablet. This will save time in the future in case you need to fill it out again.

On the next screen, you'll be presented with a list of Kiosks you have set up in your RotaCubed online

Portal. Tap on the Kiosk name from the list you'd like to sign into.

If you haven't set up a Kiosk yet in the RotaCubed online portal as yet, click here for a guide to help you set that up!

Once you've selected the Kiosk from the list, the app will navigate you to the clocking-in screen, which should look like this.

Congrats! You've now successfully set up the tablet and it's ready to clock in your team.