One way which your team can clock in for the day is using the RotaCubed Kiosk. With the RotaCubed Kiosk, you can have a tablet on-site ready for your team to clock in and out for the day!

A Kiosk can be placed at the points of entry such as in Reception or the Staff Room making it easily accessible for staff to clock in and out for the day.

The RotaCubed Kiosk connects to your online account automatically - data is pushed & received approximately every 5 minutes.

The Kiosk App has a  range of features which include:

  • Offline Mode
  • Face Recognition
  • Picture Taking on Clock in & Clock out
  • 4 Digit Pin for logging attendance
  • Log breaks
  • Clock in for shifts

At present, the RotaCubed Kiosk App only work on an Android Tablet. 

We recommend using Android version 9.0 and above, however, the app is compatible with Android version 6.0 and above.

To download the RotaCubed Kiosk App, click here, or head over to the Google Play Store & Search for "RotaCubed Kiosk".